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Solderman Industriresurs was founded in 1988 as an innovative engineering company under the name Industriresurs AB (Industrial Resource AB). The founders Olof Börjesson and Rustan Martinsson are mechanical engineers with broad experience from design, construction and improvement of machines for production. The main activity was initially design, development and manufacture of products and production equipment for clients such as Electrolux, Pilkington,Tetra-pak, Skandinaviska Glassystem and other local manufacturing companies in different branches.

The founders of Industriresurs had worked with production equipment for soldering of connectors on automotive glass even before Industriresurs was founded.
The problems that arises at spot heating by electrical resistance heating and gas heating was analyzed, and hot air was tried as a source of heating. The first test-machine with hot air was built in 1994. The first Solderman machine that was delivered to a customer was a machine sold to Saint-Gobain in Germany in 1996. This machine was demonstrated for Pilkington Automotive in Sweden before delivery. Pilkington in Sweden was also the first customers that bought specially designed T-connectors from Industriresurs.

When Pilkington Automotive in Sweden some years later had big problems with soldering of connectors on automotive glass, they asked Industriresurs to try to solve their problems and deliver a complete soldering line including abrasing and test after soldering. The first fully automatic soldering line was designed, built and delivered in 1997.

Key technologies in the process has from the beginning been:
•Hot-air-soldering for consistent heating of glass and connectors.
Fully automatic machines to always keep parameters consistent
Connectors designed for automatic soldering and feeding.

The following years, Industriresurs delivered machines and connectors to Pilkington in Poland, Spain and Australia. Saint-Gobain in Sweden became also a customer of a complete system for soldering of connectors on Volvo side-lights.

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